Whatever the project for the military applications, we know that only the best possible technology and solution will do. Whether we’re designing protective coatings for corrosion protection, abrasion/erosion/vehicle/personnel/anti-magnetic protection, working for the military application is a welcome challenge. We offer one-stop solution package which includes corrosion mapping, coating solution design and material selection, coating specification, application support and training, project site evaluations and site-specific inspection service for the defense market. These services are made due to our core understanding of corrosion and coating technology as well as our customer’s needs.

GL Technologies has the expertise to custom design protective coatings for the maritime, aerospace, vehicle and military installation markets. GL’s rapid cure polyurethane and epoxy coating systems provide the industry with an average reduction of 30% in application cost (direct labor), very fast productivity, sequential application and real-time QA. In 2003, US Navy concluded that when the rapid cure coating systems were used for navy ship tank preservation, the time savings resulted in a tank preservation cost avoidance of 20 to 25% during maintenance availabilities. US Navy described the adoption of such a rapid cure coating technology as success stories in Navy asset protection.