Choose GL’s general industrial maintenance line of coatings for mission-critical maintenance applications.

Where are GL’s general industrial maintenance coating products used? Just about any place “Wherever Paint Just Isn’t Good Enough”. Industries and markets served over the years include educational institutions, health care, places of public assembly (e.g. transit, airports, and churches), pharmaceutical, theatre arts, industrial complexes and retail.  The specific applications are diverse. In architectural restoration, GL’s products protect stone, coat exposed steel, coat almost any exterior cladding from steel and aluminum to wood and stucco. In industrial complexes, GL products were used on floors, railings beams, girders, machinery and equipment. In places of public assembly, the applications are endless: in arenas, everything from girders to change rooms; in camps, washrooms, kitchens, floors, any surface exposed to harsh conditions or lots of wear and tear; in theatres, we specialize in coatings for stage floors and other high traffic surfaces. In sanitary environments such as hospitals, food preparation and pharmaceutical, we can render virtually any surface permanently anti-microbial. Industrial applications include exterior walls, handrails, floors and clean rooms.

GL’s general industrial maintenance products will outlast paint-based products by up to 5 to 1. They are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chemical attack and constant wear and tear. Some are even suitable for immersion situations. GL’s coating technology is virtually unaffected by most acids and alkaline environments. They are ideal long term protective industrial maintenance coatings for various types of surfaces where corrosion, abrasion, impact and erosion present problems.

Some examples of GL industrial coating applications are:

Structural Steel: In severe acid or caustic environments GL’s 100% solids rapid structural polyurethane and epoxy coating technology provides an alternative to continuous recoating of structural steel. One application of a GL POWERTHANE or POWERPOXY coating can provide remarkable protection against corrosion from hydrofluoric, nitric, hydrochloric and chromic acids, salt solutions and caustics. We designed our coating solutions to suit different service design lives, whether it is 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, or 50-100 years. They have been successfully used on steel beams, poles and piping, and the like.

Floor Coating: GL’s 100% solids polyurethane and epoxy coating technology can provide self-leveling and anti-static functions for industrial and commercial flooring applications. GL’s drinking and food grade polyurethane coatings comply with US Food & Drug Administration: 21 CFR177.1680 for dry food contact and NSF 61 Standard for potable water application, and are good choice for floors and walls food and drug industry.

Pulp and Paper: GL’s 100% solids rapid structural polyurethane and epoxy coating technology had many successes in providing corrosion protection for the pulp and paper industry in Liquor Tanks, Cooking Acid Tanks, Trenches, Effluent Roughs, Ditches, Flumes, Pipelines, Recovery Boiler Area Floors, Structural Steel, Stock Washing Area Floors, Acid Circulation Pumps Bases, caustic Tanks, Bleach Plant and Pump Lining.

Blast Mitigation: GL’s blast mitigation coating POWERTHANE BM is based on 100% solids rapid cured polyurethane-polyurea hybrid technology. It may not be blast proof but can significantly reduce casualties and property damage from hostile explosive attacks compared to non-coated surfaces. The sprayed-on polyurethane-polyurea hybrid coating was specifically developed to survive massive pressure, such as explosion, when applied to concrete or metal structures. The ballistic protection coatings are suitable for armored vehicles and high profile buildings and offers proven blast mitigation benefits.