Our services extend far beyond designing protective coating solutions. We work with our customers throughout the course of their project, from corrosion mapping to coating product selection to devising the proper quality control plans and maintenance procedures that will ensure the long life of their chosen coating or lining systems.

We provide facility operators/owners and managers with corrosion mapping and on-site surveys to determine the corrosion failure modes and the pressures their facilities will exert on its coating system, specification consulting for coating system recommendations, coating application site support and training, and full product-line evaluations for the OEM industry and more.

anticorrosion_solution_design_corrosion_mapping_and_site_surveyCORROSION MAPPING AND SITE SURVEY

Site-specific asset evaluation with corrosion failure analysis as well as coating and lining recommendations based on the conditions and pressures of your environment.



Consultations with NACE certified professionals for determining the specialty coatings systems that will best protect your product or facilities from corrosion.



Unique, custom coating and lining solutions for the OEM industry. We address the needs of our customers on an individual basis and craft coatings to meet their specific demands.