GL Technologies invites you to apply for and become a member of our Approved Applicator Program. Our ultimate goal is to have a network of approved applicators throughout the world that are able to do a professional and effective job in protecting infrastructures using GL’s rapid 100% solids high performance coating technology.

We provide in-depth, on-site, certified training sessions to our approved applicators at zero or very minimal cost, depending on your job scope and project needs. These customized training programs provide basic technical information and an overview of corrosion protection, polyurethane/epoxy coating chemistry, material selection, surface preparation, GL’s products, application techniques, equipment set up and maintenance, trouble shoting, and inspection. Most of our trainers will be an NACE Certified Coatings Inspector.

GL’s Approved Applicators are certified as being trained on our plural component products and the equipment used to apply them. They receive three days of initial training. Topics covered include introduction to plural component chemistry, surface preparation, coating application, quality control, documentation, safety, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as several other topics. Level Two Applicators receive a one-day refresher training session annually.

With GL’s Approved Applicator program, the curriculum of the initial training is relatively fixed, whereas the refresher training is customized. The training certificate is issued in the name of the individuals trained and is valid only as long as they continue working for the same company. If they change employers, they need to be re-certified with the new employer. If the company hires new or additional people, GL will gladly arrange for training of the new personnel.

Qualified applicators having relevant experience in industry coating application send application in confidence to: