graco_logoUsing the proper equipment is often as essential to the application of a high-performance infrastructural coating as the product itself! That’s why GL has been partnered with Graco and maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts for the convenience of its customers.

Graco is a worldwide leader in fluid handling equipment. It offers a variety of pumps for applying all of GL’s varied formats of coating products. Ancillary equipment is also available, from transfer pumps and agitators to filters and guns. GL can help either independently or jointly with Graco to tailor the package that is perfect for you. Also, ask about our exclusive Equipment Rebate Program, whereby a significant percentage of your cost will be credited back to you through your purchases of GL coatings.

GL also provide on-site technical service and training program in order to help our customers to keep their coating technology and coating application knowledge up-to-date.

Lunch and Learn Workshop

These two-hour on-site introductory seminars provide basic technical information about the evolution of, and current uses for, high performance corrosion prevention coatings. Emphasis is on 100% solids rapid cure polyurethane and epoxy technologies. These workshops are always customized for your particular group and will be of interest to project engineers, specifiers, end users and professional applicators. Application characteristics, performance characteristics, case histories and comparative data are included. The Lunch and Learn Workshops are usually held over the lunch hour at the customer’s location of choice.

Approved Applicator and Certified O.E.M. Training

This 3-5 day program is designed to provide the coating application training to a professional industrial coatings application company. The emphasis is on a combination of practical classroom and hands-on training on the application of 100% solids rapid cure polyurethane and epoxy coatings. The goal is to certify both the trained applicator and the company as a GL’s Approved Applicator. This provides our network of applicators with a competitive advantage and protects our customers from the costs and headaches associated with poor workmanship. A similar training program is available to GL’s O.E.M. customers, who can be trained as Certified O.E.M. Applicators. Training focuses on O.E.M. situations, e.g. steel fabrication shops.

Certified Coatings Inspector for 100% Solids Plural Component Polyurethane and Epoxy Coatings

This two day course offers in-depth training on 100% solids plural component polyurethane and epoxy coatings and geared to Third Party Inspectors who have already received NACE or SSPC Certified Coating Inspector training and certificates but want to enlarge his/her knowledge on plural component polyurethane and epoxy coatings. Upon completion of this course, trainees will be qualified to offer third-party inspection of GL’s coatings for warranty purposes.