Found in 2003, GL Technologies International Corp was started by a team of professionals who recognized the limitless opportunities in world markets involving corrosion control solutions for many types of infrastructure. Whether it’s new construction or rehabilitation, we define our focus as: water and wastewater pipelines, storage tanks and treatment facilities, oil and gas pipelines and underground fuel storage tanks, industrial maintenance for structures including marine, oilfield and petrochemical refinery, along with other specialty steel fabricated products segments. The infrastructure demands long term protection from a myriad of corrosion sources such as the environment, chemical attack, acid rain, buried or immersion service.

We find ourselves in a unique position of being able to capitalize on our knowledge, experience and networking by solving end-users asset management objectives. This is accomplished by providing proven coating technologies and solutions that we have successfully been involved with for many years, but deliver them in a much more cost effective way. The experience of GL’s partners is noteworthy. Collectively, it means plus more than eighty years of corrosion control experience in the above mentioned markets.

The heart of GL’s technology is based on 100% solids, Zero VOC, high performance polyurethane, polyurea and epoxy systems, developed by our world leading scientists in this field. Our state-of-the art coating products offer distinct advantages like fast cure times, all climate temperature cured, self-priming, one-coat/high build systems, superior chemical and corrosion resistance, etc., in order to reduce costs and improve performance.

In our view, providing our customers with high quality coating solutions/products and meeting their requirements should only be a given and a starting point. Beyond GL’s quality products and services is our commitment to the success of our customers and their customers. We are proud to offer a complete one-stop solution to OEMs, engineers, contractors, specialty fabricators, agents, distributors, and dealers. We make ourselves available to insure nothing is left undone. This includes specification and standard recommendation, on-site and off-site technical assistance, hands-on training, custom formulations, and process improvement recommendations to help you not only save time and money, but also achieve optimum productivity, high quality and performance, when using our coating technology.